About Gentle Incasso

What started out as a small company working as field collectors in the city of Amsterdam in 1999, now turned into a professional debt collecting agency with several branches worldwide.

Throughout the years we’ve extended our activities to an international level and became specialised in ‘B to B’ (Business to Business) collection.

We set high standards throughout our debt collection on providing effective, efficient and affordable debt collection services.

We provide;
* Debt collection world wide
* Legal action debt recovery
* Company tracking worldwide
* Credit reports
* Credit control services
* Services and solutions for B2B sector

We offer you a wide range of services - from prevention to judical proceedings

We only work for registered companies. 
Contrary to other debt collecting agencies we do not work on a ‘no-cure-no-pay’ base.
By paying an amount of handling fee you will be guaranteed that your claim is accurately viewed.
We want to prefent you from having to go legal since procedures like that are often very exprensive and time consuming.
But if debtor keeps refusing to pay the (full) amount of the debt, there’s always an option to go legal and submit your case to court.
Of course in all legal procedures our in house jurists and lawyers will be at your side.


Gentle Incasso

debt collection
& payment solutions

Main Office Zaandam

Mauvestraat 162
1506 JM Zaandam
E-mail: info@gentleincasso.nl
Phone: 075 - 77 14 636

Office Den Haag

Vaillantlaan 366 A
2526 HV Den Haag
E-mail: info@gentleincasso.nl
Phone: 070-33 00 424